Welcoming Message

Dr. Yong-Hak Kim
President of Yonsei University

The Yonsei University opened the first United Graduate School of Theology in Korea with the support of the World Church Council (WCC) half a century ago. Within these years, Yonsei has strived to accomplish academic excellence and faithful standing in and out of our campuses. Our first and foremost goal has always been about raising outstanding pastors and theologians to lead and to develop the Korean church community. The year 2015 is a very meaningful year for Yonsei. It is the 100th anniversary of our College of Theology and the 130th anniversary of Yonsei University. To celebrate such a meaningful moment, we are throwing a milestone as remarkable as the first establishment of Yonsei’s UGST, the new founding of Songdo GIT.
April 5th 1885, in the sacred morning of Easter day, Rev. Horace Underwood, the founder of Yonsei first arrived at the Jemulpo Port, Incheon. Ever since, Yonsei has carried out the mission of higher education and Christian learning for 129 years. Today, we are trying to expand and to cherish this mission further by establishing GIT and sharing its fruitful accomplishment with the world. GIT will set grounds on the very land Rev. Underwood first stepped on as he arrived to Korea, Incheon. It will be the new birthplace of Korea’s global theological education and serve as a firm ground for all candidates to step forward as a global Christian leader.
The GIT Inauguration Committee strives to return his love and grace we received back to the people who are in need. In areas such as Asia, Latin America, and Africa where Christian education and leadership are not fully supported but criticality needed. Thus, to fulfill these needs, GIT will be the ministry to accept and to invite students from these areas and serve them with higher education. GIT will be the next Underwood College where students with passion and faith will enrich and enhance professional and spiritual growth to be future leaders of global Christianity.
Once again I welcome each and every one of you. Thank you.

Soo-Young Kwon, Ph.D.
Dean, the College of Theology and the United Graduate School of Theology

Welcome! The Global Institute of Theology made a big step to provide excellent, cross-cultural, and crossconfessional theological education for exceptional students under limited theological higher education opportunities.
Founded by Christian missionaries, Yonsei has always played a vital role by serving as a gateway for international scholars and students interested in Korea. For well over a century, Yonsei has served as a principal conduit of knowledge between Korea and the rest of the world. It is this legacy that has been responsible for Yonsei's growth and stature. The same legacy will enable Yonsei to reach new heights and assume a greater role in Korea and the world in the future.
Now, The Global Institute of Theology of Yonsei University would like to be one of the leading graduate schools where students from developing countries will be educated with cross-cultural and cross-confessional spirit to become future theological and social leaders of their own countries.
We ensure The Global Institute of Theology will be one of the most diverse student bodies and faculties in theological education in Asia. If you sit in our classrooms or in cafeteria, you will be surrounded by the conversation with people from a wide range of cultural, language and theological backgrounds.
As you explore the information available on this website about our school, I hope that you will discover what you would like to find, and that information will lead you to experience the higher education offered by The Global Institute of Theology.
We are in Songdo, South Korea - it’s International Free Economic Zone and about 20 minutes far from the Incheon International Airport, where undoubtedly main gate of Asia and hub airport to the world. GIT is in The United Graduate School of Theology of Yonsei University, so students can have cross-register the classes between the two main campuses, and also with other major universities in Seoul.
The time you spend at GIT may be a fraction of your life, but the experience and knowledge you take from it will be assets that will last a lifetime. I invite you to join us at GIT to experience theological higher education from various great scholars and the unique cross-cultural diversity of Korean and global backgrounds.
If you want to know more, just send me an email at git@yonsei.ac.kr. I will help you to get started in learning to know this exceptional theological school.