YIC on Songdo

Yonsei International Campus

Yonsei’s International Campus (YIC) at Songdo is Korea’s most state-of-the-art college campus.
Its award-winning facilities include res ident ial col leges ; labs and classrooms equipped with the latest technology; a branch of Yonsei's main library; and excellent athletic and recreational facilities. The city of Songdo—one of the most ambitious and expensive developments ever undertaken was constructed on the principles of environmental sustainability and integration of technology into everyday life, and includes commercial, residential, recreational, and cultural all within a short walk of YIC.
The restaurants, cafes, and shops in downtown Songdo, reachable within minutes by bicycle or campus shuttle bus, cater to both local and international tastes alike. The Songdo Campus provides GIT students with a true residential college experience, one modeled on Oxbridge and the Ivy Leagues, and the community that results is remarkably tight knit.

Learning and living are fully integrated, and students have access to professors and residential advisors who live on campus, and who can help them negotiate the challenges of college life. Instead of being one among many, GIT students at Songdo spend time with their classmates and professors on a one-on-one basis. Songdo offers an opportunity to live in and interact with a diverse community and especially for international students, YIC ensures a close and supportive family of peers and professors.

Songdo, South Korea

Songdo is designed as a vital urban center where the widest range of activities will take place. It is self-sufficient by design while also offering a unique, modern lifestyle that will attract both international and local inhabitants. Residents have the option to choose from a variety of housing options - from charming garden residences to state-of-the-art high-rise apartments.

Residents of Songdo have a wide range of activities available within walking distance. Regardless of where they may live, residents will have convenient access to schools, healthcare facilities, cultural activities, and athletic venues. They can shop in department stores and stroll through markets.
Songdo will offer an unparalleled quality of life comprising every conceivable cultural, technological and recreational amenity including a world-class hospital, an international preparatory school, a museum, an ecotarium, a 100-acre Central Park, the Jack Nicklaus Golf Club Korea, and myriad retail options including a stunning mall. The residents of Songdo also will lay claim to living in one of the greenest metropolises in the world. Indeed, this 100-million square foot, master-planned metropolis is a model of sustainable development and innovation that will be 40 percent green space. Songdo’s leadership in sustainable development is a key quality-of-life attribute for residents of this city.