August 2017 Commencement Ceremony Annoucement

2017-08-24 01:52
We wholeheartedly congratulate your graduation. The following is important information regarding the ceremony.
Please take part to and shine the occasion.

1. Commencement Ceremony: 2017. 8. 25 (Fri) 11am, H.G. Underwood Theology Hall

2. Graduation Gown and Diploma Cap Distribution and Rental Fee
a) They will be distributed at the H.G. Underwood Theology Hall, Sinchon campus on 8.25 (Fri) 9:00-9:30. Bring your Student ID and Receipt of Payment(Gown rental fee). If a friend is coming on behalf of the graduating student, they must bring the graduating student’s Student ID and Receipt of Payment.
b) Graduation Gown Rental Fee: postgraduate graduates: 7,000 won. -> academic information system -> academic management system -> graduation gown rental -> check personal account number (distributed by school) -> transfer money to personal account number (may transfer through ATM or Woori bank) -> print out receipt
c) For Doctor's degree, please visit ( , 02-754-7650 or, 02-312-6661). Student should prepare their Gown by themselves for Doctoral's degree.
c) Students with overdue books from the library will only be able to receive their gowns after they return their overdue books and certificate of proof***

3.Commencement Ceremony Photos
**Those students who are graduating: There will be photo taken at 10:00 (Please pick up your Graduation Gown by 9:30am)
*You may able to download photos after Commencement Ceremony at (ID: sevencolor7 PW: 1234)

4. Returning the gown, graduation cap and distribution of certificate of graduation
a) Please receive your certificate of graduation at the H.G.Underwood, Sinchon campus after returning your gown and graduation cap by 4pm.
b) Distribution certificate of graduation will be stopped in the case of not returning the gown and cap.
c) If you do not attend the ceremony, please visit H.G. Underwood directly to pick up your diploma with your ID card. The diploma will be stored for one month, after which the office has no responsibility.

5. Transportation
There will be heavy traffic in Sinchon and nearby campus, so please use public transportation
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